Our Team

  • Rob Bevis, President
  • Shelley Jackson, Director – Operations/Marketing

Senior Management


Rob Bevis (Shanghai), President

Rob has been in a senior management position in the premium wine importing/agency business in Canada since 1994. In the summer of 2013, Rob launched Roque Fine Wines with the goal of becoming China’s best importer/wholesaler of fine wines from top wine estates around the globe. Prior to forming Roque, Rob was the President, and largest shareholder, of one of Canada’s most important premium wine importer/agencies (Trialto Wine Group Ltd.) He departed Trialto in 2011 and subsequently sold his interest in that company. Rob achieved his B.Comm in 1990 and worked as a computer programmer in the oil exploration business. After 4 years, Rob went back to school and completed his MBA in Enterprise Development at the University of Calgary, after which he decided to focus his career on a more “romantic” liquid asset – wine. Since then, Rob has been helping people and companies grow and achieve their goals in the fine wine business. He has traveled to most of the important exporting wine regions of the world and has tasted thousands of wines. His passion for wine, and his passion for business, create the perfect combination for success.

Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson (Shanghai), Director Operations/Marketing

Shelley was born and raised in Vancouver. An expert in logistics and marketing, she started in the Wine Importing/Agency business in 1999. Shelley specializes in regulatory compliance, inventory management, pricing, budgeting, forecasting, supplier relations and wine marketing. With a passion for organization, systems and processes she has led a team responsible for the logistics and inventory management of over $35 million of wine annually. Over her tenure, Shelley has built relationships with a global network of wine producers. Today she works closely with China’s experts in local and global logistics to ensure our wines are handled properly and processed efficiently. She loves to travel and has visited many of the great wine regions of the world; appreciating the wine, food and culture each has to offer. She is an avid runner, swimmer, and skier. She is a loving wife of Rob and has two young children Matthew and Alexander.

Tom Cui

Tom Cui (Beijing), Director – Sales

Tom Cui is a Californian native who has a natural thirst for adventure. He graduated from the University of California Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Technology Management. Shortly after graduation Tom joined the startup scene in Silicon Valley and became a business development manager at TrialPay, a pioneering technology company that was acquired by VISA Inc. Then in early 2015 he embarked on a ‘grand solo adventure’, a half year trip that took him across three continents and multiple countries. It was during his travels in Europe and Asia where he developed an affinity for family estate wines and their unique stories. Today, his mission is to bring these style of wines to consumers across all of China.

Board of Advisors

Our board of advisors is comprised of Rob Bevis, Chris Flanders, Richard Haycock, and Donald Rodway


Chris Flanders, Co-Founder / Director

Chris is a seasoned veteran of the North American premium wine business as well as the import/export trade in Asia. Since graduating from Arizona State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agri-Business his professional career has encompassed 18 years of sales, marketing and team management in the fresh produce and wine industries. From 1994 through 2004 Chris oversaw export sales for Vanguard International, a leading US exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables. He left in 2004 to follow his passion in wine and spent the next 8 years overseeing sales and distribution for leading US wine companies Precept Brands and Pacific Rim Winemakers. During his career he has travelled extensively throughout North America and Asia while overseeing various brands of fresh produce commodities and premium wine brands. In the summer of 2012 Chris and his family moved from Seattle to Beijing. As a founding member of Roque Fine Wines he is tasked with establishing a true “Fine Wine” company where wineries and customers alike can rely on him to provide a well-managed route to market for premium estate wines of the world.


Richard Haycock

Richard Haycock has a degree in Computer Science, he has a background in the computer and telecommunications industry, and has established himself as a serial entrepreneur. In 1991, he founded and was CEO of Currency Systems International (CSI), Currency Software Solutions (CSS) and Currency Consulting International (CCI). These companies were sold in 2001 to De La Rue, which resulted in Richard founding Currency Research. Throughout his career, he has developed a knowledge and understanding of the key areas within the currency industry, and is the Founder and Chairman of the Currency Conference (1992), Founder and co-Chairman of the International Association for Currency Affairs (2004), co-Founder of Currency News (2004), co-Founder and Chairman of Intelligent Currency Solutions (2008) and the co-Founder and Chairman of the Coin Conference (2010). Mr. Haycock specializes in the Future of Currency and Central Banks. An avid fan of wine and food. Richard has traveled to many of the world’s top wine producing regions. Previous Board appointments include being a Director of Trialto Fine Wines Ltd. (Canada) for over 5 years.

Donald Rodway