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Veneto, Italy, Our Producers

In Fumane, In the heart of the Valpolicella Classico Zone.
In fact, we are in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica zone, a special area within the wider context of the land of Valpolicella. All the necessary ingredients to create special wines are here, including soil conditions and the climate. Between Verona and Lake Garda, in the foothills of the Lessinia mountains, there is a crossroads of breezes, fresh air from the mountains and warm air from the Lake, which is particularly favourable for the vineyards. The breezes keep the change in temperature between night and day to a minimum, while keeping the land dry. The soil itself is particularly rich in mineral salts and its layers vary greatly even with vineyards in the same place. Along with this very rich land, there are the various different ways of working with the grapes followed by research in the cellar to exalt the taste and splendour of the scent of the grapes.
Marco Speri, of the famous Valpolicella family Speri, has continued the family tradition with high quality wines from his part of the historical family vineyards near Fumane. These wines carry his distinct signature and are wines with beautiful pure fruit, depth and finesse – not an easy task when dealing with big style wines such as Ripasso and Amarone! “Marco Speri makes highly personalized Valpolicella reds that are always a pleasure to drink. I highly suggest these wines to those who are not very familiar or intimate with the great red wines of Valpolicella.” eRobertParker, Monica Larner, Dec 2014

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