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Franz Haas

Alto Adige, Italy, Our Producers

Franz Haas, 7 generations of winemakers..
The Franz Haas Winery has endeavoured to show the wines it produces always in the best light. It was established in 1880 and has been handed down through the generations up to now to a Franz Haas.
Another detail that makes Franz Haas stand out is the collaboration with the artist Riccardo Schweizer, who designed the labels. He actually painted together with Picasso, Chagall, Cocteau, Paul Éluard oder Le Corbusier. Apart from the quality of the wine, people began to appreciate this type of label a lot, and even today, twenty years on, they stand out and are remembered on wine shop shelves and restaurant tables.
There are big-picture wineries that present wines in broad brush-strokes. And, there are detail-minded estates. Franz Haas brings attention to the smallest characteristics and the estate wines always present the best side of cool-climate, high-altitude winemaking. Much of what defines Alto Adige wine (the pristine mountain aromas, focused mouthfeel and bright acidity) was first brought to world attention by Franz Haas. It is among the first to carve out an identity in the export market and its efforts opened the door for many more. You can always count on Franz Haas for quality. … Wine Advocate, Monica Larner

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