Domaine Forca Real

Languedoc-Rousillon, France, Our Producers

An estate at the end of the world? Ask a French citizen if they’ve spent any time in Languedoc-Roussillon and they usually say “no”. Perhaps they’ve driven through on their way to Spain but many consider this most south-easterly corner of France the “end of the world” and a place they’ve never visited. Their mistake. Languedoc-Roussillon has an amazing coastline of beaches and rocky coves where the mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea. The Pyrenees Mountains snow-capped and majestic offer great skiing and hiking in deep ravines with clear flowing rivers. Perhaps most importantly there are vineyards. This is France’s largest region for the production of wine but it is also the historic heart of wine production in France. I am told that there is evidence of grapes growing in Languedoc-Roussillon area even before humans lived here – meaning this is the indigenous home of grapes. “Grapes’ home” is here on the rocky hillsides, with dry hot summers, and where cooling breezes blow across the mountains or in from the sea. Today there is a revolution in wine making in Languedoc-Roussillon where quality is meeting value. Not mass produced wines but AOC/AOP wines made from grapes grown on some of France’s most compelling terroir. Domaine Força Réal wines are AOC Côtes du Roussillon-Villages and express the quality and complexity of this amazing place.
“If Languedoc-Roussillon is the “end of the French world” then Domaine Força Réal is the “end of the end.” Spectacular vineyards on the slopes of a solitary mountain peaked with the ruins of a castle that was once the border of France and Spain. (Today it is about 30km from the Spanish Border.) Higher altitudes mean cooler nights and more complex grape phenolics. Sand and schist soils give the wine depth power and complexity. The mountainside vineyards look east to the Mediterranean Sea and south to the border of Spain and west to the Pyrenees. Domaine Força Réal is one of the most spectacular estates I have visited. Everything about it feels right, the soils, the wind, the sun, the sense of history and life in balance. The view in 360 degree views of mountains, sea and nature make it a special place.” Rob Bevis, August 2015

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