CONCEITO 300-300


Portugal, Our Producers

“In Search of the Freshness and Balance of our Terrain”
The wine will inevitably come to exhibit its various “terroirs”. Understanding them, working properly their widely differing altitudes, soils and microclimates is a journey from which there is no turning back, and one upon which we wholeheartedly embark. In search of the freshness and balance of our terrain. That is what we believe in. That is our Concept!
“The Tintos and Brancos together demonstrate why I’ve pointed to Rita Marques as one of the emerging stars in Douro.” Wine Advocate, Mark Squires, Apr 2015; Conceito Branco Named one of Portugal’s Top White Wines (Decanter, July 2015); Rita Ferreira Marques – Six Portuguese Winemakers to Watch (Decanter, May 2011); “With every new set of releases, I find something else impressive at this relatively young winery. White, red, upper level, entry-level – everything works. Equally impressive is the consistency demonstrated by the winery of late. So-so vintages don’t even seem to slow Conceito down. Conceito is on a roll, a rising star in Douro. Some, like me, might say ‘already risen.'” Wine Advocate, Mark Squires, Jan 2015

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