Aldo Conterno

Piedmont, Italy, Our Producers

“Our family represents the heart of all our activities.”
Poderi Aldo Conterno was founded in 1969 when brothers Aldo and Giovanni Conterno divided the family’s Giacomo Conterno estate over philosophical differences. Aldo was interested in creating a more approachable style of Barolo while Giovanni wanted to produce his wines in a rigorously classic style. Aldo moved to the Bussia zone of Monforte where he purchased the Cicala and Colonnello vineyards, making him an exception rather than the rule during a time when it was much more common for wineries to buy grapes rather than work with estate-owned fruit. Giovanni continued to make his wines under the existing Giacomo Conterno label (WineAdvocate, Nov 2007).

Visit their website: http://www.poderialdoconterno.com/getcontent.aspx?nID=7