Representing Fine Wines of
the World in China

Roque is a full service wine importer and wholesaler for the world’s best estate wineries.

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Who We Are

Roque Fine Wines is a China-based fine wine import and wholesale company with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. We are a team of seasoned wine professionals with over 30 years of combined experience importing, distributing and marketing wine from the world’s top estates and chateaux. We are committed to representing a world class portfolio of wineries as well as to servicing our customers and assisting in the process of educating the end consumers in the growing Chinese market.

What We Do

We provide door to door solutions for the world’s best estate wineries. Our core activity is to provide “on the ground” sales and marketing for our client wineries. We build stable distribution at restaurants, hotels and retail stores. Our team of logistics and compliance experts ensure your wine is safely imported into China. Then we build the sales and brand reputation of your wine in the market.
Roque Process: Import, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail

Brand Building, Stable Distribution

Roque Fine Wines holds expertise in building brands and representing family owned and estate wineries from the top producing regions in the world. We have established a route to the Chinese market for these wineries by building wholesale distribution to hotels & resorts, restaurants, specialized wine retailers and private clients.

Quality Assurance, Predictable Demand

Roque Fine Wines is committed to handling wine in the delicate and thoughtful manner fine wine producers require. From a critical care standpoint where we maintain proper temperature control and avoid mishandling during transport. Building brands in the proper market channels with long-term brand equity and consumer admiration intact.

Roque Fine Wines focuses on family owned estate wine producers. The world is comprised of hundreds of corporate wine producers and thousands of independent estate wine producers. Both have a role in China’s dynamic marketplace but it is the independent estate wine producers that drive our passion for the business. Finding the best estate wines in the world and bringing their wines to the market is like a great treasure hunt. Each estate has a story:

A story about the people who make the wine; a story about the place where the wine comes from; and a story about the history of the people and the place; and finally, a story about the vintage.

Telling the stories of our winery partners is a critical part of what we do.

Wine Estates with a Story

Painted Walls and Paintings on the Wall

Wine is a beverage to drink but some wines are also an experience. Something more than just a drink. To understand the difference it is helpful to think of the difference between the paint on the walls of a room and a painting you hang on the wall.

You paint the walls of a room to make it look nicer, more appealing. You hang a picture on the wall of a room for the same reason. But a painting hanging on the wall, a picture, not only makes the room nicer but it also tells a story. A painting tells you something about the artist, perhaps about a place, or a period in time.

The world’s best estate wines are like a painting hanging on the wall. Not just a beverage to enjoy but also a story to ponder. Our producers produce not just paint, but paintings.

The Market

China is an exciting market with tremendous growth in consumer goods. However it is a market that may cause a fine wine producer more grief than satisfaction. China is a huge country of over 1.3 Billion people; however, today China is effectively a small country when it comes to wine consumption with as low as 20 Million wine consumers.

Success for our fine wine suppliers is not measured by how big their first order of wine into China is; instead, success is about building stable sales, repeat orders, and growing their market presence. We want to bring the right quantity of your wine into the market and build brand equity while increasing sales and distribution.

Wine Estates with a Story to Tell

Some of Our Producers

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Senior Management Team

Learn more about the whole Roque team.


Rob Bevis, President

Rob has been in a senior management position in the premium wine importing/agency business in Canada since 1994. In the summer of 2013, Rob launched Roque Fine Wines with the goal of becoming China’s best importer/wholesaler of fine wines from top wine estates around the globe. Prior to forming Roque, Rob was the President, and largest shareholder, of one of Canada’s most important premium wine importer/agencies (Trialto Wine Group Ltd.) He departed Trialto in 2011 and subsequently sold his interest in that company. Rob achieved his B.Comm in 1990 and worked as a computer programmer in the oil exploration business. After 4 years, Rob went back to school and completed his MBA in Enterprise Development at the University of Calgary, after which he decided to focus his career on a more “romantic” liquid asset – wine. Since then, Rob has been helping people and companies grow and achieve their goals in the fine wine business. He has traveled to most of the important exporting wine regions of the world and has tasted thousands of wines. His passion for wine, and his passion for business, create the perfect combination for success.


Chris Flanders, Co-Founder / Vice President Sales

Chris is a seasoned veteran of the North American premium wine business as well as the import/export trade in Asia. Since graduating from Arizona State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agri-Business his professional career has encompassed 18 years of sales, marketing and team management in the fresh produce and wine industries. From 1994 through 2004 Chris oversaw export sales for Vanguard International, a leading US exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables. He left in 2004 to follow his passion in wine and spent the next 8 years overseeing sales and distribution for leading US wine companies Precept Brands and Pacific Rim Winemakers. During his career he has travelled extensively throughout North America and Asia while overseeing various brands of fresh produce commodities and premium wine brands. In the summer of 2012 Chris and his family moved from Seattle to Beijing. As a founding member of Roque Fine Wines he is tasked with establishing a true “Fine Wine” company where wineries and customers alike can rely on him to provide a well-managed route to market for premium estate wines of the world.

Kevin Pan 潘知浩

Kevin Pan (潘知浩), Director Operations and Marketing

Kevin has an experienced management brain with International trade, Financial and Marketing background that helps businesses and brands grow. He is a typical native that born and graduated in Shanghai with a bachelor degree of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Before He got into the wine industry, Kevin has collected various visions from different business field since graduated. He was recommended into one of the biggest group of Shanghai by which he then has been assigned to several landmark projects for Trinidad & Tobago. And he has contributed himself to a successful introduction for one of the top Europe brands of professional automation equipment to Chinese market afterwards. With experience of both ends of the scale in terms of business size from different industry territory, in 2011, Kevin was finally “designed” into this romantic business. Since then, with overall concept and global viewpoint, he has kept helping wine companies start up properly and brands grow rapidly. Now, with his dream of true success to combine his great love in wines and passion for business, Roque Fine Wines has become his promised stage to shine with the team.


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